The face behind the company


The face behind the company

Hebe Illing, 36 years old, nice to meet you.

Originally a marketeer that along the way got interested and skilled in business intelligence, data visualization and Excel. This actually originated from a curiosity and entrepreneurial vision: “what did that bring us?”, “where does the money go?”, “where are we at?”. I wanted to know and measure everything.

My strength is to specify things with a step-by-step approach. I am resourceful and always try to keep an eye on the bigger picture.


Business Growth

Bureau Up is an agency that makes business easier, not harder. Working with statistics can be overwhelming and isn’t some easy side task. Therefor I aim to make data easy to read and actionable, and processes to be clear. Everyone wanting to work with data has to be able to see what it’s about right away.

The face behind the company: Hebe Illing

Speaker & workshops

I speak on events about all kinds of subjects, such as:

  • Converting data into information
  • Combining business with motherhood
  • How to grow from a one-man-show to an agency
  • Freelancer or entrepreneur?

And I organize workshops for freelancers and entrepreneurs, like:

  • Setting up a business dashboard
  • Determine your most valuable marketing channels
  • Which data from my company could I use to make better decisions?


The only way is up! Bureau Up is growing fast. It’s long past the classic freelancer business. My vision for this company is to expand without needing a large office (more overhead means higher costs for the client), but to work with freelancers who work remotely at a time and place that suits them. Not necessarily from 9 to 5 (yet of course within the deadline!). This way I attract the right people for the specific jobs, who are invested and will try their hardest to deliver a top product.


To Excel or not to Excel

Whether our services and products are produced in Excel, Tableau or Power BI, to me it doesn’t matter; it’s all about what suits the client and the best solution for the specific situation. Creating an insight into the right KPI’s, choosing the right visualization and transferring data into information and insights. Enabling the client to make better decisions for the company. That is what matters. Which platform you choose is less important.

The face behind the company: Hebe Illing
The face behind the company: Hebe Illing

Besides running a business…

I am a mother of a daughter (5) and partner of (yes) an entrepreneur. We love to travel, long distance as well as closer to home, trying out new restaurants and going out with the family.
Despite my love for digital and spreadsheets, I also love to draw and do handlettering. In the evening the laptop is often on my lap to be creative in Excel (nerd alert!) during Netflix.




(pictures by Prisca Visser)

Get in touch with Bureau Up

Want to know more about how Bureau Up can help you to measure your business? You can call, e-mail or whatsapp me. Meetings can take place offline as well as online through Skype,, Facebook Messenger (video) or Team Viewer.

If you have a short question or want me to give you a call, just leave your details below.